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To Defend Or Not To Defend!!!

Am I reading this right??!!!

Found this on PP website...http://www.profitableplots.com/


March 26 3 Directors are each charged with 86 counts of conspiracy to cheat.
The total value of allegedly misappropriated sums under the 86 charges is approx US$2.5m. Bail is set by CAD at $600,000 each when the 3 Directors were charged as the alleged misappropriated sum is high. Unable to meet bail amounts set by the CAD at short notice, the 3 Directors are detained in police cells.

March 27 Subordinate Court Hearing
3 Directors indicate that they wish to claim trial on all 86 chargesagainst each of them. Prosecution informs Court that the Prosecution is ready. Court reduces bail to $400,000 each.
Unable to post bail, 3 Directors are remanded in Changi prison.

March 30 High Court Hearing
Court reduces bail to $200,000 for 2 Directors.
Court reduces bail to $150,000 for 1 Director.
Unable to post bail, 3 Directors are returned to Changi Prison.

April 3 1 Director posts bail.

April 9 2 remaining Directors post bail.

April 16 Defence made a 1st request for copies of documents from CAD to
prepare their defence.

April 18 CAD refuses to accede to the request.

April 20 1st Criminal Case Disclosure Conference (CCDC) Hearing
Prosecution requests for more time to file their Prosecution's Case in accordance with the usual time lines and not to do so on an expedited basis.Court grants the Prosecution 4 more weeks to file their case. Defence's 2nd  request for copies of documents to prepare defence.
April 25 Defence writes to the Subordinate Courts Crime Registry to request for a hearing in order for the Defence to apply for the production of documents.

May 9 Subordinate Courts refers the Defence's request to a CCDC Court hearing on 15 May.

May 15 2nd CCDC Hearing
Court commented that it cannot hear the request for production of documents during CCDC.

May 29 Prosecution case is filed.
Prosecution indicates that it only wishes to proceed on 18 charges instead of the 86 charges against each Director.  The value of allegedly misappropriated sums under the 18 charges only amounts to approximately US$732,000.          

June 1 Defence requests the Prosecution a 3rd time to provide copies of documents to prepare for the Defence.

June 4 Defence makes a 2nd request for a hearing before a court (not a CCDC Court) to be scheduled so that 
the application for the production of documents can be made.

June 5 3rd CCDC Hearing
Court orders the Defence to make request for documents to DPP.

June 15 Defence makes a 4th request to the Prosecution for copies of documents to prepare defence.

June 25 Defence makes a 5th request for copies of documents to prepare defence.

June 26 Prosecution refuses request for copies of documents.

July 2 Defence makes a 3rd application to the Subordinate Courts Crime Registry for a hearing before a court
(not CCDC Court) to make an application for an order that the Prosecution provide copies of Documents to the
Defence in order to prepare their defence.

July 3 4th CCDC Hearing
Court adjourns the CCDC hearing for 2 weeks to await reply from Subordinate Court to letter dated July 2.


1.  The DPP is saying that a defendant cannot look at any documentation but has to submit a defence.

2. The DPP is saying that a defendant cannot look at any documents but has to submit a list of
documents they intend to use in their defence.

3. The DPP is saying that a defendant cannot look at any documents which would determine which
witnesses to  call, but has to submit a list of witnesses they wish to call. 

Whether these people are guilty or not is only for a court to decide but surely they should be allowed
to defend themselves. 

I am close to 99% sure that there are two sides to PP's case ! Wrote to PP lawyer, followings are the
86 charges, amount to US$2.5M. Based on my research, around 40% or more are not even
'Boron investors', sigh :(

Just heard today, next court date will be 26 Jul ,cant wait to find out the truth ! Also hear now we
have a new judge, still trust the system, hope this time we have a good judge ! Honestly, dont need
too clever a brain to make sense out of all the evidences. We need to demand justice, whatever the
case documentation must put on the table, let the truth revealed ! Why waste our time and monies ??

Charge Num Client Name  Amount US$
1 Duraiarajan s/o Duraiappan Mariyammal 20,000
2 Au Chung Wai Christopher 54,000
3 Arijit Chakraborty 10,000
4 Koh Leong Tuan Alan 59,000
5 Leong Pek Kay 15,000
6 Lim Shi An 26,000
7 Ng Ee Ling 20,000
8 Chua Pair Shen 5,000
9 Yap Lay Hong Lilian 186,000
10 Adsit Serena Kim 5,000
11 Mellisa Octaviani 13,000
12 Foo Siew Wei 5,000
13 Lium Ming Toon 90,000
14 Muthukumarasamy Ramamuthy 10,500
15 John Nicholas Williams 10,000
16 Yoganand Konar Chinniah 10,000
17 Neoh Kok Cheng 191,000
18 Annamalai Meyyappan 7,000
19 Peter Aloysius Lourdes 6,000
20 Tan ZheQi 10,000
21 Karina Widagdo 10,000
22 Spaenle Oliver Roland Paul Eugene 113,000
23 Chen Kuang Tsung Eugene 6,000
24 Lo Weng Wah Christopher 5,000
25 Lee Poh Joon (Raphael) 10,000
26 Chew Siew Wah 5,000
27 Koh Ming Shao 11,000
28 Yim Jeng Ngon 10,000
29 Mohamed Anwar s/o Abdul Gaffoor 20,000
30 Yeoh Kok Peng 15,000
31 Rajasegarean s/o Raman @ Mohammad Samir 70,000
32 William Bong Hock Soon 32,000
33 Sim How Chong 10,000
34 Chan Foo Chuan 2,000
35 Tai Wei Jie 7,000
36 Chan Sau Chin 60,000
37 Ashish Thakorlal Ravivadera 2,000
38 Wong Mei Yang 30,000
39 Tay Siew Yin 66,000
40 Chong Peng Chye 24,000
41 Cindy Anggriani Widjaja 21,000
42 Tanabat Woratanarat 15,000
43 Gu Jing Yun 11,000
44 Khoo Kar Yang Desmond  10,000
45 Hari Subrahmanya Murali Krishna 50,000
46 Lam Gui Ru 54,000
47 Roy S Gnanasundram 14,000
48 Low Hwee Chi Serene 20,000
49 Mohamed Fareedu Bin Mohd (Haniffah) 2,000
50 Ho Kok Yuen 10,000
51 Wong Ee Ling 3,000
52 Choy Yew Meng 28,000
53 Mohamad Razali Bin Joony 18,000
54 Leck Kian Boon Jeffrey 2,000
55 Foo Suan Cheng 20,000
56 Du Yunhua 5,000
57 Chan Koon Koon 20,000
58 See Yim Leng 13,000
59 A Palani 3,000
60 Chua Boon Teck 6,000
61 Irwan Bin Nari 5,000
62 Lau Woon Ling 20,000
63 Chua Pit Chye (Francis) 18,000
64 Sabita Sunderdas (Nandwani) Jaswani 72,000
65 Ng Chong Huat 25,000
66 Chew Ghim Lian Phyllis 18,000
67 Seno Yuko 10,000
68 Teo Lee Hua (Eleanor) 150,000
69 Kulanthaivelu Parameshvari 2,000
70 Loy Chong Hwa 5,000
71 Ng Kee Wan 8,000
72 Adrian Ng Nee Fah 10,000
73 Yong Wee En Audrey 5,000
74 Grace Lim Yin Yin 3,000
75 Wong Heng Mui 42,000
76 Ho Win Khoon 20,000
77 Cheah Hui See 30,000
78 Lim Khing Tat 45,000
79 Syed Faizal s/o J S Tamizzuddin 22,000
80 Ng Sim Leng 23,000
81 Rajendran s/o Govendaragoo 15,000
82 Oliveiro Glen Neville  10,000
83 Poh Chiew Kok Charles 30,000
84 Chan Kian Kuan 300,000
85 Mohammed Yazer Bin Abdul Aziz 10,000
86 Lei Min (Lucy) 20,000
Total 2,503,500

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