Tuesday, 6 November 2012

There is justice !!

In our views, there is justice !!! We do have very good and wise judge in Singapore.

At least you do not need to have a super brain to defend yourself if you are charged.

The only thing we think it is ''Unfair" to PG,  they need to spend monies to straighten CAD's interpretation of "rights" at high court. Tuition Fee ??

Next will be to find out whether there is integrity !

Some fishy things on going...

1. Someone tried to hack this account ? Huh, dont try lah, we can always start another blog. As long as this is the right thing to do, we will do it !
2. Some clients were approached by a law firm Cohen and Goldstein Esqs. LLP, and a guy called Mr Howard Goldstein to buy their PP plots

What do you think ?

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Anonymous said...

yes sounds very fishy